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Why choose Us?

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  • Our philosophy

    Since nearly 14 years, our goal is to make your trip a dream come true. It's been our Duty to achieve excellence in every field!

    ? Creativity of programs: we design and develop of new routes and research new destinations for you, so you can see and feel the real spirit of Asia.

    ? Knowledge of the terrain: We ourselves are frequent travellers and lovers of Asia. Our destination specialists and our consultants put the field experience and technical expertise at your service.

    ? Quality control: Our teams regularly monitors hotels services, selection of vehicles (passenger cars or bus), address books and we ensure you the best possible quality.

    ? Responsible approach: respect for the environment, people, their culture, and support for local Communities, has always guided our choices and been our priority.

  • Our price

    Our presence in India and immense experience in the field of travel ensures a much better quality/price ratio than that proposed by the agencies based in Europe or even in India. By avoiding the intermediaries, most of the price you pay goes to the locals and you contribute in a huge hand in saving the heritage and economic progress of the country you visit. The right balance between the price, the quality of the service, healthy management and the equitable remuneration of our local teams are the criteria during the calculation of our prices. We scrupulously take care that all the staff involved is correctly remunerated and we never seek to strangle our partners financially (guides,muleteers, drivers and cooks) to obtain artificially low prices. 

  • Accompaniment

    We always trust professionals to accompany our guests, never amateurs. Whether they are Europeans or natives, they are selected for their competence and qualities. The driver is the cornerstone of your trip. He assists you during your stay and he is responsible for your safety. Drivers, mountains guides, cultural guides or specialists of specific countries, are often groomed by Maharajah Driver and are always specialists of their area. Assisted by the other members of the team, the guides are impassionate, attentive, and will share their knowledge and their love of the visited area. They will take pride in ensuring the success of your trip.