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  • Activities
    tour operator for India

    With lots of fun activities, attractions and experiences appropriate for travellers of all ages, India is an excellent destination to consider when travelling with family. In addition to this, the royal hospitality and rich traditions of this country make it an excellent learning environment for your little ones. Children are more than warmly welcomed everywhere they go and families have a host of vacation types to choose from whether it is natural beauty, history or insights into bustling cities that you are looking for.

  • Safety:
    tour operator for India

    With regards to personal security and the safety of your travel group, India is probably one of the safest destinations you can consider. With English speaking public easily accessible, getting around is almost never a problem. However, visitors may want to take basic safety precautions that one takes when travelling to any other part of the world. It is best to have a tour guide along with you that will help you identify the safest areas to move around in and the most hygienic eateries to explore. International tourists must avoid drinking tap water while in India and it is recommended that you buy only bottled water during your stay here.

  • Weather:
    tour operator for India

    While the climate here is generically classified to be as hot and tropical, conditions may vary from one region to another. Essentially, the winter months are considered to be between November and March when the mornings as well as the evenings are rather cool and fresh. The hot temperatures between April and June can be dry is most parts with dust storms and humid along the coastal regions. If you plan on visiting the Himalayas, the best time to visit is during the monsoon months when the rest of the country is fighting torrential rains.

  • Accommodations:
    tour operator for India

    There are accommodation options available in India for all budgets and requirements. Whether you are looking for opulent palace hotels, to western style chains or budget accommodations such as government bungalows and hostels, there nothing you cannot find here. Note than wildlife sanctuaries and national parts do not permit guests to stay overnight. You can easily find private accommodation options on the outskirts of such regions. Hotel rates vary as per season and location. 
    We are extremely conscientious when selecting the perfect accommodation for our customers. Depending on the provided budget, we make sure that every accommodation option we provide is highly hygienic, comfortable and adheres to quality standards. With an aim to deliver boutique experiences for our international visitors our priority is to focus on the quality of service, management and accessibility. We are also able to find deals in luxury hotels and resorts allowing our customers to have wholesome experiences while in India.

  • Sightseeing:
    tour operator for India

    The diverse nature of our vast country makes it possible for travellers with all kinds of tastes and preferences to go back with enriching memories. During the planning process we will be able to make a host of recommendations with regards to destinations, sightseeing opportunities and a variety of activities. Your final offer will have all the details listed for your reference. In addition to this, our chauffeurs and other staff will be more than happy to help you explore various other sides of the country while you are on your holiday. We understand the need to be spontaneous to encounter memorable experiences during your travels.