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  • Will I Need a Visa to Travel to India?
    Yes, most international residents are expected to apply for a visa before they travel to India. Make sure you contact your local Indian embassy for assistance in this regard. Most tourist visas are valid for a period of 6 months and at the time of application it is required that you have at least 2 blank pages in your passport. Also, your passport must have a validity of at least 6 months after your return from the trip. At the time of application, you will also require two passport photographs. The Government of India provides visa on arrival for holders of passport of following countries : Australia, Brazil, Cambodia, Cook Islands, Djibouti, Fiji, Finland, Germany, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Kiribati, Laos, Luxembourg, Marshall Islands, Mauritius, Mexico, Micronesia, Myanmar, Nauru, New Zealand, Niue Island, Norway, Oman, Palau, Palestine, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Republic of Korea, Russia, Samoa, Singapore, Solomon Islands, Thailand, Tonga, Tuvalu, UAE, Ukraine, USA, Vanuatu, Vietnam. However, these visas are granted only for a short period of up to 30 days.
  • What vaccinations do I need?
    For information on vaccinations and health requirements for your journey we suggest you contact your GP or a travel clinic preferably at least 2 months before departure for advice and to arrange immunizations.
  • Do I need travel insurance?
    While travelling in India it is important that you obtain good personal travel insurance from an insurance agent in your country. A suitable policy will include an unlimited amount for medical, hospital and additional health associated costs.
    Most policies cover loss of baggage, personal money (usually limited) delay and curtailment. Do make sure your policy covers you for unexpected cancellation of your trip in this unlikely event you will then be covered for financial cost. 
    You should carry your insurance policy with you at all time, preferably in your relevant details in a separate place, with your passport photocopy
  • What cultural considerations should one take care of while touring in India?
    India has a very traditional and religious society. Its cultures and customs are very different to western cultural ideas. We ask you as guests in this amazing country to respond to these sometimes-bizarre differences with sensitivity and respect.
    We do request you to dress conservatively - both men and women should wear clothing that covers knees and shoulders (when visiting mosques and temples). Nudity is totally taboo, when swimming please do wear a swimsuit.
    Try to avoid any public display of affection. When entering mosques, temples and places of religious worship or private homes - please remove your shoes. Many Hindu temples are not open to non-Hindus. Always ask permission before entering. Mosques may have limited visiting times for non-Muslims.
  • Are the monument entrance fees included in the tour cost?
    The monument entrance fees are usually not included in the tour cost. It is not a problem when the same is included but when it is not, you need to keep small change for the same. Usually you need to take the tickets yourself but can request the guide who would be happy to oblige. We also have detailed lists of monuments with the entrance fees and camera charges. Do request us for the same if you want to have a good idea when the same is not included in your tour cost. At times we do not include the same as this might lead to misunderstandings when the tour is too tight on time.